Foreign Students
Foreign Student
Academic System
          The University offers instruction throughout the year as following :
                    Two 16    week semesters
                    One 8      week summer session
Grading System
          Academic standing of a student symbolizes letter for grade code and values as following :
= Excellent = 4.00 point C = Fair = 2.00 point
= Very Good = 3.50 point D+ = Poor = 1.50 point
= Good = 3.00 point D = Very Poor = 1.00 point
C+ = Fairly Good = 2.50 point F = Fail = 0.00 point
= Satisfactory U = Unsatisfactory
= Partially Complete I = Incomplete
= Re - registration W = Withgrawn
Aud = Audit      
         Remark : Single asterisk (*) before any course code indicates non - transferable courses obtained from previous program of study
= Credits from standardized CE = Credits from examinations
= Credits from Training CP = Credits from portfolio
         Remark : Symbolize letter from Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)
          Requirement for granting the degree are as following
           Completion of curriculum requirements
           Cumulative Grade Point Average not less than 2.00
Graduation with Honour
          An honour degree is award to a student who maintains grade S or/and D or better for all course studied within minimum number of semesters allowed, inclusive of academic leaves with following categories :
          First Class Honour                   Cum GPA not less than 3.50
          Second Class Honour             Cum GPA not less than 3.25
          In recognition to student with their exception academic perfomances, Medal, Tuition Fee and / or Certificate of Honour are awarded for their perfomance of each semester or academic year as the case may be.
          Student are not allowed to maintain status, the dismissed with following categories:
          a Cum GPA of less than 1.50 at the end of any semester, excluded the entrance semester
          A Cum GPA of less than 1.75 foe two consecutive semesters, excluded the entrance semester
          a Cum GPA of less than 2.00 at the end of the last attened semester